Delivering Through Physics

Nano-Electrostatic Technology

  • Patented Nano Technology Developed & Owned  By University Of Georgia
  • Cost & Environmentally Friendly: Active Ingredient Usage Is Reduced By 25-50% 
  • Proven System: Widely Used & Modified Agricultural Application

 Play For Demonstration

Total Encapsulation

  • One Drop Reduced To 900 Droplets & Electrostatically Changed
  • Ensures 100% Coverage
  • Principal Of Physics To Achieve Better Coverage And To Lessen The Environmental Impact By Allowing Smaller Amounts Of Chemicals To Be Used 
  • Attraction To Target At 75 Times The Force Of Gravity 
  • The Spray Droplets Can Reverse Direction, Moving Against Gravity, To Coat All Sides Of An Object

Delivery & Application Services

  • Economical Technology: Less Than One Dollar Per Cubic Ft.
  • Any Type, Size, Shape Of Material
  • Frame Structure Any Phase
  • HVAC: Full System
  • DryWall
  • Vanities, Wet Areas, Attic & Crawlspaces
  • 100% Effective Encapsulation